WixStores – The Ultimate Tool to Create Wonderful Ecommerce Websites

Building an impeccable e-commerce website is definitely important, considering the booming eCommerce world that strives to attract more customers consistently by a great deal. Do you want to create stunning e-commerce websites?

WixStores can help you. WixStores is an amazing e-commerce website builder that allows you to create your desired e-commerce websites within your budget. Let us delve a little deeper into the insights right away. Nevertheless, creating an online store is a gigantic task that needs to be backed by a lot of coding and designing. And also, the eCommerce website needs to be extremely secure, flexible, and robust.

About Wix.com

Wix.com is a tremendous website builder that enables you to create magnificent websites seamlessly at no cost. Founded in 2006, Wix.com has already garnered65,515,994 users that are growing. It primarily began with an idea to help people build websites and manage their business online even when they don’t have any coding skills.

Besides, it offers you numerous diversified templates for creating different types of websites as per your requirements. Whether you need a static site or a blog, Wix.com has you covered perfectly.

Few Words About WixStores

WixStores is apparently the easiest way through which you can create a spectacular online store. Interestingly, the store you create using WixStores is completely mobile optimized.In addition, the e-commerce websites created using

WixStores comprise the functionalities of shipping, tracking orders, receiving payments, and others by default. This means that you don’t need to do anything else other than creating your e-commerce site.

Why do you need to use WixStores?

WixStores provides you with everything you need to create a stunning e-commerce website. With WixStores, you get to avail all the following features in just one place.

• Great templates and flexible design

WixStores allows you to use a wide variety of wonderful templates for getting you started with an online store. Also, you get to use an easy drag and drop store builder that enables you to design your unique and personalized website.

• Mobile optimized

WixStores enables you to create an online store that is automatically mobile optimized. This means that you remain available on any device for your customers anytime.

• Beautiful and customized galleries

WixStores lets you work with splendid product galleries so that you can market your products well. You can create different product options like colors and sizes and add up to 20 images for each product in your store. Also, you can advertise your sales by adding ribbons to products and add descriptions to tell your customer about the offerings of the products.

• Smooth checkout process

WixStores allows you to receive secure payments by means of credit cards, PayPal, and others. You get to set tax and shipping rules for your products and also change the cost based on the location of your customers. In addition, the shopping bag icon appears on each page on your website, which helps your customers to view any item they want to buy and experience a safe purchasing experience.

Moreover, you receive an email from WixStores whenever a purchase has been made, and a confirmation mail gets sent to your customers as well.

• Easy store management

This excellent online store builder lets you track your orders easily through the Store Manager where you can view all the details for a purchase. Also, you can manage your inventory and set the options for color and size of your products with the Store Manager.

Furthermore, you can send ShoutOut newsletters from your dashboard to let them know about special events and sales.

How to use WixStores to build an online store?

You need to perform the following steps in order to use WixStores to build your own online store.

1. Visit WixStores

2. Click the Create Your Store button.


The Sign In page appears.

3. Click I’m a new user button in case you are signing up or the I’m an existing user radio button in case you are signing in. Here, we have clicked I’m a new user radio button because we are signing up.

4. Enter the requisite credentials in the Email and Password fields.

5. Click the GO button in order to sign up.


Note: There are 1 or 2 subsequent steps that you need to perform to complete the signup process.

The WIX account main page appears once the signup process is completed.

6. Click the Start Creating Now button under the My Sites section on the WIX account main page.


The template page appears with different categories in the left pane and the corresponding templates in the right pane.

7. Select the appropriate category in the left pane. Here, we have selected the Online Store category.
The corresponding templates appear in the right pane.


8. Select the suitable subcategory. Here, we have selected the Accessories & Jewelry subcategory.
The corresponding templates appear in the right pane.



9. Click the Edit button on the desired template.

The template appears in the editable mode with all different HTML controls for editing the template. You may check the below image with 6 various editors.


10. Edit the selected template as per your requirements.

Note: You can leverage all the given options for editing the selected template accordingly.

11. Click the Save button in order to save the edited template.


12. Enter the appropriate name for your website in the relevant field for the same. Here, we have entered Jewelry Stop.

13. Click the Save Now button.


14. Click the Publish button once you have edited your template completely and you want to publish it.


A page appears that provides you options to edit your SEO settings.

15. Click the Publish button once you are done with all the settings.


Your online store is successfully published.


Working with WixStores is robust, affordable, and easy for you. The e-commerce website builder is packed with everything you need for creating your very own online store. Thus, using it and learning while using it is strictly recommended.

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