How to Remove iPhone Backup Password if Forgotten?

It can be incredibly disheartening when you realize that forgot your iTunes password for your iPhone or iPad. It means that you can’t reset your iPhone or iPad, you can’t buy anything, and if you ever forget your main unlock password – you won’t be able to get in the iPhone, and it will be reduced to a shiny brick. Within this article we’ll discuss how you can fix this problem, and get regain access to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to go to iSeePassword official site and download iTunes Password Recovery. Once this file has downloaded, run the installer to install the software. If you experience any problems during the installation, try running the installer as an administrator.

itune password recovery

Step 2: Once the program has installed, you just need to open it. You can do this in one of three ways, through the start menu, through Cortana or by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop.

itune password recovery2

Step 3: Once it has opened, click “open” in the top left of the window. This will list your iTunes backups. Click which backup you want the program to crack, and select “OK.” If your iTunes backup is not listed here, you can manually add it using the “Add File” button.

itune password recovery3

TIP: This can take a rather long time, but if you remember part of the password – it can be much quicker. By using the “Mask Recovery Mode” you can select which types of characters the password contains, such as capital letters, lower case letters, special symbols, digits, space etc. You can select the minimal and maximal password length too, which all helps the program unlock iTunes backup password much quicker. This is because there is a lot less combinations that your password could be, if you can say “it doesn’t contain special characters.” This means that the program doesn’t have to try every character, and reduces the time drastically.

itune password recovery4

Step 4: Once you’ve done all of that, simply click “Start.” The program will begin recovering your iTunes password. Please be warned that this can take a long time, at least a few hours in many cases. If you are using a laptop computer, make sure it is connected to the power, or your battery may run out of charge before the program is done.

Step 5: Once the program has completed, it will pop up displaying your password for the selected iTunes backup. You can then copy this password, and regain access to your iPhone or iPad.

Once you have got access, it is strongly recommended to change your password to something memorable. You can even use a password manager such as Dashlane. This keeps all of your passwords and logins safe, and you can access them with a “master password.” This means you only need to remember one password, and your other passwords can be much stronger, as you won’t need to remember them – this is highly recommended. This is because it will save you from spending precious time regaining access to your iTunes/iPhone/iPad – and will further protect your account, and your precious data from cyber-thieves.

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