Baidu PC Faster – Formulate Your PC Faster And Secure

Baidu PC Faster is a top optimizer software that scans our PC deeply to find and delete junk files, unnecessary programs which lead to performance compromise of our PC. It can help us to uninstall a software and cleanup all leftovers with a single click. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best antivirus tool that performs a quick scan or full scan when the computer system gets started.


This amazing software is a a free system maintenance tool. The quick scan runs three modules of Baidu PC Faster: Speed Up, Cleaner, and System Check. Cleaner scans the system for temporary files and junk files, speed up scan and improve the performance of your system and System check looks at system settings to make sure they are set correctly. This cleaning tool is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Best Features Of Baidu PC Faster

Following are the most excellent features of Baidu PC faster that you should be aware of!

Easy To Install

The installation process of this software is very easy as it does not have any additional requirements in the system, before installing it. On the other hand, it is an open source software which can be downloaded freely and requires only few steps to install it. It takes very less time for installation.

System Security

Our System or we can say, our PC are nowadays very prone to virus attacks or many other forms of attacks as we are surrounded by software all around in this digital world which are basically codes that can also bring malicious code i.e.viruses. So the requirement of securing our system is increased much more and here comes the role of our Baidu PC Faster.

It provides the safest way to download games and apps. It additionally provides a feature of cloud scan which check system settings, start-up items, installed software, running programs, and critical locations for threats.

Good Performance

It makes our PC start-up lightning faster by removing all the unnecessary files easily and totally. It has ability to scan and optimize all areas of our PC with a single click. Its additional advantage is that it has an interactive app-like interface which makes it easy to use even for a layman who has not much knowledge about computers. Its extras include the following

  • Faster Now desktop widget
  • App Store download manager
  • Game Faster Accelerator
  • WiFi Hotspot

Final Words

Baidu PC Faster will switch our PC into a Hotspot for our mobile devices. It is the easiest way to make our older PC run faster, free up disk space and keep our computer system safe. It keeps our computer system or Laptop running at its best, as well as it is very simple one touch optimize button.

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