5 Best Tech Gifts

The season for giving away gift is round the corner and the ability to decide it always takes a toll on many. While there are various genres of gift but if you are considering to gift the gadget gurus and techno-freaks, then you must prepare well. The below are some suggestion for tech gifts that you can give.

red gift box on a laptop keyboard

Sony Tablet S

There are so many tablets out in the market and many tablets even have tried to challenge Apple to get the title of Tablet King of the Universe, but still now, i-Pad retains its position at the top. One of the most meaningful competitors which rely on Google Android’s is Honeycomb operating system is Sony Tablet S. This Tablet gives some pretty impressive features. Sony has designed the tablet in a way that plays certain PlayStation One and PSP titles can be played. This feature makes the Tablet S more compelling tablets as far as mobile gaming is concerned. So what does can be more awesome than getting or giving a gift like this?

Solio Bolt Charger

The latest technology has not been kind to the battery problems much and so every gadget knows the problem of low battery. For this, there is a solar bolt charger which holds enough juice to recharge the smart phones two times more charge. It would be a very good gift for the gadget freaks.

The Roku 2

Watching on a computer the videos and episodes are but it’s not the same experience as watching live on television. But with Roku 2, this issue gets solved too. This offers different set of features depending on the version you buy out of the 3 versions. You just need to connect the box to your television and your home network in order to stream the content from the internet to your TV. It’s definitely something worth the gift.

IPod touch

If you want to gift a gadget freak a smart phone, it might be a perfect choice as you need all the technical details behind it and to know which one would be better. But with Apple’s iPod touch, you will give the person an experience of owning a smart phone without the pesky phone part.  So you can take it as a good option for gifting.

Amazon Kindle

Though the Kindle isn’t exactly new as Amazon launched it back at 2007, but it was noticed in late 2011, when Amazon updated its line of electronic book readers.  There are six models of kindle and nowadays it comes with touch screen interfaces and other features. So why wait, just grab it and gift it.

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