10 free Android apps that you need to have in your smartphones

Android as a mobile operating system is reaching new heights every day. With more than 1 Billion active users who used the device for 30 days so these are full time users and activations.

This is a huge number. Android as an OS runs on phones, tablets, watches, cars and even TVs. There are a lot of apps and games for the OS all thanks to it being so open and developer friendly.

But once you get an Android device for the first time, you are holding a powerful device which can do anything. Literally anything and that depends on the apps that you use.

Free Android Apps

When we have a new Android device, we are all confused which apps we should install to get the most out of our magically powerful device. So in this post we will tell you about the 10 free Android apps that you need to have in your smartphones.

Let’s go!

1. Pushbullet

I was looking for a way to sync all the notifications on my phone to my PC. A friend of mine recommended this app and trust me this has now become one of the best apps in my personal list.

It basically allows you to do a bunch of things like notifications syncing. Which means if you have a notification on your phone, it will appear on the PC as well.

You can also share notes, images, files and more between devices that have Pushbullet installed.

Say if you want to send a note from your phone to PC, just copy the note, open the Pushbullet app, choose which device you want to send the note to and done.

It is simple yet convenient. It also allows you to reply to SMS messages right from your PC and you can also use it to control music on your device. It is a must install app.

2. Google Play Newsstand

A smartphone is a great device to consume information and one of the best apps to read news on is the Google Play Newsstand app which is Google’s own news and magazine reading app. It lets you read stuff from various different genres and websites and online magazine.

The design is amazing and the whole material UI theme looks great. The information is displayed in a very easy to read manner and I am sure you will like it.

3. Applock

You don’t want your photos, messages or chats read by your parents or friends? Well, this app lets you easily lock those content by asking a code/pattern before opening specified apps.

Now how easy and satisfying is that? Feeling safe already? 😀

4. SwiftKey Keyboard

Now I am not saying that Google Keyboard sucks. It’s good and many people prefer it but for me, touchscreen typing just isn’t something I love so a keyboard that has amazing next word prediction would be wonderful.

SwiftKey is just that! SwiftKey is one of the most used and downloaded apps on the Play Store and I am using it since the days it was a paid app.

SwiftKey also provides you many options like using different themes or syncing your dictionary across all devices on which you have it installed.

It’s a keyboard you’re going to love typing with.

5. Google Keep

Google Keep is like a notebook on your phone. You can save text, checklists, images and even voice notes on your phone just by using this app.

You can also sync these things across your various devices and once you complete the sync, it will be available on web as well.

It is a good daily productivity app which will add value to your day to day tasks.

6. Screen Filter

Even after bringing the brightness down to lowest, the brightness is still quite high. In places like a movie theatre and if you are reading an ebook at night, this app comes in handy as it introduces dark filter between the screen and the main content hence bringing down the brightness to quite a big extent.

It is a very simple app. Try it and I am sure you will find it useful.

7. MX Player

The native Android video player doesn’t support a variety of codecs so MX Player comes in between and it is quite good at what it does.

It has some very good gesture based features.

Swiping up on left will increase brightness and swiping down on same side will lower it. Swiping up and down on right controls the volume level.

Swiping forward and backward will control the fast forward and fast backward features. It also shows subtitles and you can use pinch to zoom in videos as well. It has two ways it can decode videos, software as well as hardware.

All in all, this is one of the best apps for watching videos.

8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the number one app used for internet based texting on Android. It is simple yet does so many things. You just need a phone number to sign up and it is the best example of how someone can succeed just by using Keep it simple silly hypothesis.

The interface is simple and you can chat with people who are also on WhatsApp. It will show the list of people who are on WhatsApp from your contacts list. You can send text based messages, images, videos and emojis.

9. Flashlight

This is a very simple but really useful app. Ever thought about using your phone’s flash LED or screen as a flashlight?

This app lets you do that. It can light your LED flash so that you can use your phone as a flashlight. It also lights up the screen so that you can still use your phone as a flashlight if your phone doesn’t have flash. It has modes like Police lights, SOS lights and more that you can use in different situations.

10. Opera Mini

This is literally the FASTEST web browser on Play Store right now. Opera might not be the company that dominates browser section on PC but it certainly is a winner when it comes to mobile devices.

It provides fast browsing even on 2G connections. Go ahead and try it.

So this was a list of top 10 Android apps to install. If you think we should add something in the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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